We’ve launched a new program to help brewers quickly and affordably obtain the testing and quality control equipment they need to make better beer.

For $99/month for the first six months -- and pennies per serving of beer after that --craft brewers can fund up to $50,000 in laboratory and quality boosting gear through our novel Better Beer Now initiative.

Funding is typically approved in 48 hours, hit this button to apply for the program:

Apply now

Learn more about our Better Beer Now initiative at BreweryFinance.com/better-beer-now

Have a question? Contact Rick Wehner at  rickw@breweryfinance.com 

“High quality beer is crucial for a brewery’s success and the overall future of craft beer.

Our Better Beer Now campaign enables craft brewers to quickly and affordably get the equipment they need to make better beer.”

-Brewery Finance founder Rick Wehner. 

Have a Question? Contact Rick Wehner at rickw@breweryfinance.com or 303.800.1063